Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witchy Women

Today is the half-way point of two very important birthdays -  my rockin' super gorgeous Scorpio sisters!!!!! We are a family of witchy women and sometimes I wish we were a powerful coven like the Charmed ones but alas, we do not posses the powers of telepathy, freeze time or even premonitions (yeah that's right, I watched that silly witchy series apologetically.) But my sisters have their own powers that they lend to me to keep me strong and moving forward even when I feel hopeless.

Dear Sisters, Thank you so much for your love and support throughout my life, and especially this past year. Thanks for answering the phone when I call and for being available to play whenever I'm able to make it home. This is just a little love letter cause you mean so much to me.

Happy Belated Birthday Paula and Happy Early Birthday Di!!!!!!

clockwise: speedi photo 2000, March for Women's Lives in DC 2004, Napa Valley 1999, Yorktown Christmas mid 1990's.

In keeping with my Halloween movie recommendations, here are some excellent witchy movies centered around sisterly lov. 

Sister Witches

Speaking of witchy women and birthdays, yesterday was Winona Ryder's birthday and I was gonna write a whole post about her cause I love her movies but Modcloth totally beat me to it with awesome fashion recap of my two favorites Beetlejuice and Heathers.

Baked // Witch Finger Cookies

Continuing my adventure in baking I attempted to make Witch Finger Cookies. I used a brown sugar cookie recipe and although, they taste good, I made a rookie mistake and made most of them a little too fat.  So when they baked, they came out flat rather than the skinny witchy fingers I was going for. Oh well, I'll try again next year!!!!   

Monday, October 21, 2013

Headstones, Zombies and Bread

Outing // Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Last weekend Joe and I met our dear friend Gen and her cutie pie Claybear for a little tour around the a historic Hollywood Forever cemetery. There weren't too many celebrities buried in this cemetery but it is over a hundred years old and a beautiful place to reside in eternal slumber.

We learned on the tour that in recent years this cemetery has become the plot of choice for our very large Armenian and Russian communities. I asked an Armenian friend at work what language this was and she informed me it was Russian Orthodox. I just think it's beautiful.  Also above is an Albino peacock who is one of the many birds that roam the grounds (we did spend some time watching our step for bird poop.)

giant private mausoleum

This munchin had absolutely no interest in hanging out in his carrier. He practiced standing every time we stopped outside, and was a crawling maniac when we went inside a larger mausoleum. 

(Notice my husband interacting with the baby. He looks like he's studying Clay, but he's just taking pics. I just think this is a funny image.)

The three most noteworthy graves (to me anyway) Toto from the Wizard of Oz, Mel Blanc the voice of Porky Pig as well as many Looney Tunes characters, and Estelle Getty the best Golden Girl!!!!



Watching // Zombies

Today is my day off and on my agenda is to watch scary movies and work on our Halloween costumes.  I've never seen the original Night of Living Dead so that's on the list. Here are my picks for a zombie movie marathon!



Baked // Bourbon Banana Bread 

I love banana bread, but Joe hates bananas. Obviously I don't wanna eat a whole loaf myself, but he loves sugar, cake and bourbon, so in effort to please both of us, I continued my baking experiments with this really delicious Bourbon Banana Bread recipe. I left it in the oven a little too long, so it got a little burned around the edges. It didn't come out perfect, but it still tasted yummy. I'll definitely have to try it again, but I was happy with my first effort.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello October! Shadowcasts and Soup

This adorable print is via and available for purchase on etsy
Hello!!!! I know it's been a while, but I was distracted. September 2013 will forever be logged in my memory as "the month that was derailed by car trouble." On September 1, Joe's phone slid off his lap while he was driving and he collided with 2 parked cars totaling our darling Ford Escape (we called her GG as in Good Girl, cause she tackled the Rockies like a champ when we traveled cross country.) So GG was dead but no one was hurt. Accidents happen and we had insurance so I dried my tears and started car shopping. We settled on a little green Honda Civic and moved on with life. Then 3 days after we purchased the little Civic, she stopped running. Long story short, we had to replace the transmission after only 3 days of ownership. The previous owner was super cool and contributed $1000 towards the $1300 repairs, and single-handedly restored my faith in humanity. So September was annoying and I was mostly negative, so I stayed away.

But now it's October, my second favorite month (April is the first obvi!) and we've kicked off the Halloween season with an outing at the historic NuArt Theatre in Hollywood. As I mentioned before, we LOVE the movie Clue but we're not the only ones and as it turns out every October the cast of Sins of the Flesh does a midnight shadowcast of the movie. Not familiar with a shadowcast? Well, it's when a company of actors dress in costume and act the movie out on stage as the movie plays behind them. The audience is also encouraged to participate and dress in costume as well. I had the best of intentions for Joe and I to go as Mrs. White and Mr. Green, but life got in the way, so we ended up dressing in the spirit of the movie  more than in actual costume. 

Many moviegoers went all out and the show included a best costume contest. Anyone in costume lined up and cat-walked across the stage and were judged by audience applause. There were two amazing Mrs. Peacock costumes and a full on singing telegram girl (which might be my costume for next year.) Sorry for the quality of the pics, we were kind of far from stage and I took them with my IPhone. The winners are all the way on the left, the cook and one of the Mrs. Peacocks.

The shadowcast was fun and the crowd was enthusiastic. This is something we will definitely have to do next year too!!!!! Here's just one of the many many funny gags from this film.

Mr. Green: So it was you. I was going to expose you.
Wadsworth: I know. So I choose to expose myself.
Colonel Mustard: Please, there are ladies present!

For Fall I decided to make soup one night a week. I've had mixed results so far. My french onion was too salty, and the cauliflower and cheese was not flavorful enough.  Earlier this week, I posted pics of a soup called Golden Winter Soup and it tasted AMAZING. I found it on Pinterest and I encourage everyone to try it so here is the recipe.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beloved Bill Murray

Yesterday was Bill Murray's 63rd birthday, and in honor of such an occasion, I'm spending my Sunday with a couple (maybe even a few) of his films. Kicking off the movie marathon is The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997), hard to believe, but I've never seen this film. I don't know what I was doing in '97 to miss it, witchcraft I suppose. Any how I will be following it up with my all-time favorite, Ghostbusters (1984.) It might seem weird to celebrate the birthday of an actor you've never met, but it's just an good excuse to watch funny movies all afternoon.

Happy Birthday Bill!!! Your movies make me super happy.



Friday, August 16, 2013

Anniversery | Road Trip Revisited

Two years ago (yesterday) we said good bye to Chicago and this blog was born. We had a great time on our road trip and since I never posted any pics, here's my favs from our Route 66 adventure. It was such a great trip and we had so much fun together. Maybe we'll do it again sometime!

P.S. in case your even remotely interested I did post my favorite Road Trip Aps for the IPhone, also here are the rest of our road trip pics .

 We took a lot of pics at the IL State Fair in Springfield, IL and barely any while passing through Missouri.

yup, that's the butter cow.

 We spent our second night in Oklahoma at the scariest motel in the awesome Elvis Room.

 Not much happened through New Mexico but we saw some fun stuff on/by the road.

 But we loved the Arizona  parks, painted desert and Grand Canyon, we tried not to dawdle so that we could finally get to California.